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We’ve got two books lined up. They will be serialized here for free, and collected in easy-to-read chapters for paid subscribers.

The first, Sirens of the City, drawn by Khary Randolph and written by Joanne Starer, is a gritty urban fantasy set in 1980s New York. Layla is a teenage runaway pregnant with a supernatural baby. She’s desperate to end the pregnancy, but all the creatures of the city want to get their hands on it…and her.   

The second, launching later this year, is A Way from Here, written by Joanne Starer with art by GABO. It’s the story of four teenagers from different backgrounds living in Vienna in the days leading up to the Holocaust.

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Joanne Starer

Joanne Starer is a writer, former pro-wrestling promoter, and descendent of Holocaust survivors. She really, really loves her cat.


GABO is a Mexican-American Illustrator who has worked for Oni Press, DC Comics and Image.

Khary Randolph

Khary's art has appeared in countless comic books, cartoons, been turned into action figures, and showcased in galleries all over the world. He's even won a couple of awards. Khary reps Brooklyn all day but his heart is always in Boston.

Rob Levin

Writer. Editor. Hawks fan. Cookie monster. Overly self-critical baker.